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All services may be conducted over the phone or in person


The time Monique spent with me was invaluable! The experience was most open honest and loving. Monique was 100% on target with issues in my life - I left with an awareness and openness I did not have prior to her reading. I recommend her unequivocally

Rick M.

Tarot Card Reading 
Price $ 60 USD
Session length is 30 Minutes 

A tarot card reading will tell you your past, guide you though your present and unravel your future. 
What do your cards have in store for you?

Love Life Tarot Card Reading 
Price $ 75 USD
Session length is 30 Minutes 

A Love Life Reading discusses you and a partner or your love life in general.
It will decipher if your partner is the one for you, faithfulness, where the relationship will end up. 

Palm Reading 
Price $ 60 USD
Session Length 20 Minutes

A Palm Reading is more recommend  for young adults finding themselves as this reading Intels personal details and aspects of your inner self psychically, and spiritually. Where you are now and how to reach your goals wether it be in your career, love, or life decisions.

Crystal Ball Reading 
Price $ 90 USD
Session length 30 Minutes 

A Crystal Ball Reading describes current, and near future events, relationships, life changes or decisions in much greater detail than previous readings. it is more recommended to clients who are facing issues in the present rather than past, or future as it guides you in the present to near future.

Psychic Intuitive Reading

Price $ 120 USD

Session Length 1 Hour

A Psychic Intuitive Reading Intels your past present and future, and goes into an energetic reading to pick up on any blockages or obstacles in your Aura. I am able to connect directly to your energy to give you the most accurate answers pertaining to ANY questions you may have. 
This reading is most reccomened to first time clients, or clients who are aware of a possible energetic shift 

Talk Session

Price $ 250 USD

Session Length 1 Hour

A Talk Session is most reccomened to the client who just needs general guidance for they're problems, or someone to listen to them. This includes 2 sessions per week for 1 hour.

BASIC Aura & Chakra Cleansing 

Price $ 750
1 Hour Session
Feeling Low? Need A Pick Me Up? Or Quick Fix? Try the VERY Relaxing & Soothing Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Session! Using Powerful Crystals, Tibetan Bowls, Calming Candles, Herbal Sprays, & Essential Oils For The Perfect Spiritual Tune Up. Feel Rejuvenated, Refreshed, Focused, & Pampered All At The Same Time! (Also CUSTOM Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Is Available. Customizing Your Crystals, Candles, Herbs & Bowls For A Longer Term Effect & Immediate Life Changing Results Call In For More Information)
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